Chapter 1 : Introduction to Physics

  1.1  Understanding Physics 1.     Physics is the study of natural phenomena, properties of matter, energy changes and the laws governing these changes. 2.     There are many branches of study in Physics which includes : Mechanics, Heat, Optics, Waves, Electricity, Magnetism and Nuclear Physics. 3.     Some of the pivotal contributors to physics are: Archimedes, Galileo […]

Chapter 2 : Forces and Motion

2.1 Analysing Linear Motion Linear motion is motion along a path in a straight line. Distance is the total path length traveled by an object from one place/location to another. Displacement is the distance traveled by an object in a specific direction. Displacement is the distance between two locations/places measured along the shortest path connecting […]

Chapter 4 : Heat

1. How much heat energy is required to raise the temperature of 4 kg of an iron bar from 32 ºC to 52 ºC ? ( Specific heat capacity of iron = 452 J kg-1 ºC-1 ). Amount of heat energy required, Q = m c θ                                                                      = (4) (452) ( 52 – […]